Growth by Acquisition

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Our Book: Strategic Acquisition: A Smarter Way to Grow a Company

Growth through acquisition is quicker, cheaper, and far less risky than the more traditional methods of growing a company. Large companies know this; they buy companies all the time. This book shows how small and midsize companies can expand by acquisition.

The book details all the steps from finding acquisition targets to evaluating, and valuing, potential acquisitions, to financing, negotiating, and finalizing a deal. It even includes a section on the common mistakes business buyers all too often make.

The new, 2015 edition includes a special section devoted to buying your competitor, from the all-important initial approach through negotiations, valuation considerations, and closing the deal.

Reviews for the 2009 editions:

Required reading if you are considering an acquisition - no matter what your experience. I found the book both easy and quick to read and highly informative. Although I have done a number of small and large acquisitions, There was still a lot of sensible and thoughtful suggestions I had not realized.

Steve Kavanagh (Sydney Australia)

I had toyed with the idea of buying one of my competitors for years, but never did much about it. After buying this book, I learned how to go about the process, followed its recommendations, and closed the deal last month.

Rob Jaynes (Omaha Nebraska)

My company decided to pursue an acquisition strategy, and put me in charge of coordinating the project. This book brought me up to speed quickly on the process. Easy to read with good step by step advice.

Emily Greff (Walnut Creek, CA)

About the Authors:

David Annis

Has worked in fields as diverse as molecular cardiology, information technology management, software development, and legal administration. During his diverse career he acted as principal in both the acquisition and sale of businesses. After selling his software company in 2003 he joined Merfeld & Schine, specializing in identifying strategic acquisitions for private equity groups. He holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BS from Cornell University.

Gary Schine

has been a mergers & acquisitions intermediary and consultant since 1990. He has arranged and successfully consummated over 100 transactions on behalf of his clients. Also, Gary has started and operated a number of successful businesses. He is the author of several books on the subject including How To Sell Your Business For More Money and How You Can Buy a Business Without Overpaying (co-author). He holds an MBA degree from the University of Connecticut.