Growth by Acquisition

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What is “Growth by Acquisition”?

Few major companies have grown to where they are today without acquiring other companies along the way. But acquisition is not only for Fortune 500 companies. It is a shortcut to growth for medium size and small companies as well.

Acquiring is faster, cheaper, less risky, and easier to finance than are traditional growth strategies. What’s more, in a well-executed acquisition, the acquiring company can take advantage of synergies. That is, the two companies together will be stronger and more profitable than either company was previously.

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Finding the Right Acquisition Target to Buy

The best opportunities are companies that aren’t yet for sale! But how do you find these companies?

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Buy Your Competitor

If you can acquire one (or more) of your competitors, the advantages of strategic acquisition multiply.

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Our book, Strategic Acquisition: A Smarter Way to Grow a Company takes you through the process of finding, valuing, and ultimately acquiring a strategic acquisition, including a full section on the special considerations and advantages of buying your competitor.

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