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Doing Business in the USA

Setting up to do business in a foreign country is difficult

Every nation has its own laws, customs, and culture, and the USA is no exception.

The process of expanding or starting a company is difficult enough, without having to operate in an unfamiliar environment.

The USA is by far, the world’s largest economy. It is also the world’s most competitive economy. There are lots of competitors in just about every conceivable industry.

It’s easy to make expensive mistakes starting a business in the US or expanding an existing business to the US. Even without making mistakes, growth to the US will take significant investment and will likely be slow and difficult.

That’s why lots of companies, domestic and foreign prefer to buy a going US business to avoid a lot of problems and pitfalls and get off to a much quicker start. Buying a USA business is quicker, lower risk, and easier to finance, than is starting a business.

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